Opening up a motor


I recently had to open up a motor to clean up the commutator. I didn’t have a real gear puller so I put one together with the following parts I had lying around:

  • Some perforated steel strapping
  • a long 3/8″ threaded rod with nuts
  • two 1/2 pipe flanges
  • four small bolts with nuts and washers.
  • Four larger bolts with modified wingnuts.

The photo pretty much show how I did it. I used the strapping to make “legs” which were attached to the end of the motor that I had to pull off using the longer bolts and wingnuts with one wing cut off. I did this so I could tighten the bolts without having to hold the nuts with a wrench.

The other end of the straps are bolted to a pipe flange. The threaded rod goes through the flange and then through another one so that the nut is easy to reach with a wrench. (The wire wire ties, by the way, are holding the spring-loaded brushes out of the way.)

The end of the threaded rod is bearing on the end of the motor shaft.

A few turns of the lower nut, holding the threaded rod with pliers and the end of the motor came right off.

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