An ad-hoc socket extension

Faced with having to turn a 1/4″ socket without an extension for the ratchet handle I improvised. It turns out that a tap has a 1/4″ square drive end. So that, plus a pair of Vise-Grips allowed me to get the job done.

Be sharp!’ screwdriver.

In order to work well without slipping or stripping the head of a slotted screw, the screwdriver blade should be sharp. Not like a knife, but not rounded. Here are some pictures of good screwdriver blades and bad:

Showing a nice sharp screwdriver tip.
A nice sharp screwdriver tip.

Showing a dull screwdriverA  dull  screwdriver  tip
Show a screwdriver which is too small for the screw.This screwdriver is too small
Showing a screwdriver which fits the screw head well.This screwdriver is just right.